The Tough Talk: How to Start the Dialogue Before it’s Too Late


There’s a dangerous disconnect between teens and their parents. Teens assume their parents will be angry if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. As a result, they don’t call home for help. On the other hand, parents assume their teenagers will call them if they’re ever in a tough spot because the priority is getting their child home safe.

No one is invincible or immune to the dangers of poor decision making. It’s time to start the dialogue now before it’s too late. There can be no assumptions - start the dialogue now!

In this presentation, Jessica Rasdall shares her gut-wrenching story of how one decision at 18 years old changed everything. She openly shares the “invincible mentality” she had and offers a unique strategy to prevent others from repeating her mistake. By opening the dialogue between the teens and the parents, we’re able to have ‘the tough talk’ before it’s too late.



  • Identify the ripple effect of our daily actions

  • Develop a better understanding of how every choice has a consequence

  • Open the lines of communication between teens and parents

  • Create a safety plan that both parties can agree to


“When I looked at my son and realized the impact it had on him, I was so very thankful. This event is every teenage mother’s nightmare. Jessica’s presentation to those students could have very well saved a mother like myself from having to live that nightmare. We are ever so grateful to her for that. According to the administrator of the school, this was the least “eventful” of any prom in several years. Who knows what lives might have been saved?”
— Kathleen, Parent From St. Petersburg, FL


Type of Presentation: Inspirational Keynote, Assembly or Parent-Student Workshop

Ideal Audience: High School Juniors and Seniors, Pre-Prom Presentation, Parent Night Presentation, College Events, Community Group

Optional Add-ons:

  • Have Jessica’s mother join her on stage to share her side of the story and speak directly to the parents from a parent’s perspective.

  • Classroom curriculum and discussion prompts to continue the conversation even after Jessica has left.

  • Online access to the Student Safety Plan training that can be shared with parents or students unable to attend the event (for internal purposes only).