Speaking Testimonials and Client Feedback | Jessica Rasdall

“One of the speakers that most impacted me was Jessica Rasdall. I learned that regardless of your industry or your background your story matters. The "why" behind why you do business is important and should be shared. I believe it shapes the way we interact with others, the way we operate our business and ultimately the way we serve people. I learned that it is so vital to share your story and to be authentically who you are because you have no clue who you can impact.”

— DeNeitra, Savvy Events


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jessica’s presentation. She spent nearly three hours talking to a group of high school students with special needs, about actions and consequences, overcoming difficult life situations and how to pick yourself up and be a leader. In the 5 years I have been teaching, it was the first time I really saw my students connect and learn an incredibly realistic life lesson. Her presentation left a lasting affect on them, and I know they will think twice before making difficult decisions in the future. Jessica was incredibly open with my staff and my students and really made us feel special and important. I was so impressed by her courageous and persevering attitude.”

— Kelly Cassidy, High School Teacher From Tampa, FL


“When I looked at my son and realized the impact it had on him, I was so very thankful. This event is every teenage mother’s nightmare. Jessica’s presentation to those students could have very well saved a mother like myself from having to live that nightmare. We are ever so grateful to her for that. According to the administrator of the school, this was the least “eventful” of any prom in several years. Who knows what lives might have been saved?”

— Kathleen, Parent From St. Petersburg, FL


“Jessica has taken her story and turned it into a powerful tale of redemption, saving countless others' lives. We all have a story that unlocks something inside of us and in the hearts of others when we tell it. Hearing Jessica speak and talking with her one on one took me on a journey through my own demons and finally helped me to start sharing my story and the message it teaches with my own clients and friends. My business has been forever changed by my ability to finally express what it is that got me to where I am today!”

— Dannie Lynn Fountain


“Jessica spoke the truth, didn’t hold back and was extremely sincere. She wants to help just ONE person, because like she has said if just one person benefits from it that’s all that matters. It just takes one person.”

— Brooke, United States Navy Norfolk, VA


“The most powerful talk we’ve had at this school in 30 years. Her student audience was most impressionable as they sat quiet and focused on her every word.”

— Rita, Dean Of Academic Affairs, St. Petersburg, FL


“I've taken away not just game-changing business advice (of which there was much!) but also a grounding confidence in that life and business ups and downs happen to even the most polished professionals, and actionable strategies for dealing with times that can't be "confetti moments"! Thanks, Jessica Rasdall.”

— Amelia


“I am thankful that after the presentation I was still able to get in contact with Jessica and she didn’t act like she was better than me or anything to that extent. She was sweet and kind. I’m hoping to see her in the future again.”

— Samantha, United States Navy Norfolk, VA