Jessica Rasdall's Speaking Programs

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jessica’s presentation. She spent nearly three hours talking to a group of high school students with special needs, about actions and consequences, overcoming difficult life situations and how to pick yourself up and be a leader. In the 5 years I have been teaching, it was the first time I really saw my students connect and learn an incredibly realistic life lesson. Her presentation left a lasting affect on them, and I know they will think twice before making difficult decisions in the future. Jessica was incredibly open with my staff and my students and really made us feel special and important. I was so impressed by her courageous and persevering attitude.
— Kelly Cassidy, High School Teacher from Tampa, FL


Jessica Rasdall's presentations are carefully crafted to fit the audience's needs. From powerful keynotes to hands-on workshops, these interactive speaking experiences challenge the audience to connect with their daily choices and understand how they impact their future and the world around them.

“I am thankful that after the presentation I was still able to get in contact with Jessica and she didn’t act like she was better than me or anything to that extent. She was sweet and kind. I’m hoping to see her in the future again.”
— Samantha, United States Navy

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