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If you’re familiar with my story, I’m big on turning your mess into a message.

You can’t change your story, as much as we’d sometimes like to. What you can do, however, is change how you tell it, change how it controls you.

Turn your mess into a message.

When something goes wrong, you do everything you can to pick up the pieces. You try to fix your life and put the shattered pieces back together. You try to go back to how life used to be.

But that’s not the reality.

The reality is you’ve faced something difficult, the kind of thing that can change everything.

In that case, it’s time to write your own story and make it your message. When I first came home from prison, this is what I was facing. Here’s how it made me feel, how I dealt with that and how you can make it through a similar situation:

Jessica Rasdall