Labels — own them  or they'll own you_Post.jpg

Labels come in all shapes and sizes, and play a big part in my story. If you’ve read any of my book, Shattered, that becomes pretty clear.

Today I want to share with you some of the labels I’ve experienced through the course of my story.

Over the years, my relationship with labels has changed a lot. A LOT.

From labels placed on me by the media to ones placed by friends, family, and associates, to labels I placed on myself.

How they’ve impacted me has completely changed.

That’s your friendly reminder that the labels placed on you - any of them and all of them, no matter who they came from - don’t have to be there forever.

The video below talks about some of the most difficult labels to work through for me, both ones placed on me and those I threw onto others. I talk about how I took ownership of some labels and rejected others, and how YOU can deal with not liking the labels placed on you:

Jessica Rasdall