If you haven’t seen my emails or social posts, Shattered is now available on Amazon!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what the book’s about, who it’s for, why we’re trying to get it into your hands, and what I hope you take from it. So I’m sharing a sneak peek with you!

I’m just a big ball of emotions feeling #allthethings about sharing this. But one of the things we talk about is not running away from those kinds of feelings, and working through them even when you want to run the other way.

Because yes, we all want to run away sometimes. That’s normal.

What matters is working through them.

What’s pushing me through these uncomfortable moments, what’s keeping me from running away right now, is YOU.

Here’s a sneak peek of the introduction, and I hope it gives you insight into my story, why it’s taken so long to write it, and why it’s so important to me to share with you.

Jessica Rasdall