Last week on the blog, I shared the first step in overcoming adversity. Before anything else, you need to fight the urge to go into “fix it mode” and deciding to accept that things have changed and to move forward.

But what’s next?

I want you to think about when you’re facing something really difficult, when you’re in that moment. When the odds are stacked against you and you’re deciding whether or not to move forward and fight anyway.

In that moment, it can be so easy to blame anyone but yourself. So easy to point all ten fingers at everyone or anything else - someone doing something wrong, or someone making things harder - just #allthethings.

When things feel out of our control, doing this makes it easier for us to digest the situation.

But that just leaves you stuck.

Stuck in a cycle of frustration over things we can’t control. Because there’s always two types of factors involved, and most of us focus on the wrong one.

Placing your focus in the right places and removing pressure from the wrong ones can help you take acceptance of the situation, because that doesn’t always happen as soon as you’ve taken responsibility for it.

I’ve shared all about the different factors when you’re facing adversity, and how to shift your focus on them so you can move towards both responsibility and acceptance.

Watch the video below to take the next step:

Jessica Rasdall