Getting Over The Goal Setting Paralysis


Paper planners...


Words of the year…

Oh my!

Planning and goal setting pretty much have their own language!

Doesn’t it feel like this time of year, it’s all anyone can talk about?

Everyone is talking and talking and talking about setting their goals for next year. But have you noticed not nearly as many mention meeting the goals they hit in this one?

If you’ve ever felt sooo excited to make plans, but a *little* less excited to execute them, then this one’s for you, friend!

Before you whip out your ultra fine point Sharpie pens, collect all your sticky Post-it stacks for color coding, and fall too far down the goal setting rabbit hole, we need to talk...friend to friend, of course. 😉

So take a second to think.

Last year, did you get super excited to set goals that you didn’t end up meeting?

Raise your hand if you did, and know that so many of us are right there with you. Yeah, let’s talk about that for a second.

Because most of us don’t hit the goals we set, and it’s normally for one of two reasons. Today, I want to talk about getting over goal setting paralysis and setting goals that work for YOU!

Here is why you might not be meeting your goals, and what you should be doing instead so you can make plans that motivate you to take action:

I hope these tips help you set and meet more meaningful goals.

Let me know below: what are your goals for next year and how can I help you achieve them?

Jessica Rasdall