Navigating Personal Curveballs As A Business Owner

Navigating Personal Curveballs as a Business Owner.jpg

What do we do when we’re thrown a curveball in our personal life? How do our personal lives really impact our businesses?

This is something we don’t talk about nearly enough as business owners.

If you’re a solopreneur, things that happen on a day-to-day basis are completely dependent on you. You are your business, so things don’t run without you.

A lot of us are in those shoes, and it’s really scary.

Especially when life throws us a personal curveball and you need to step away from your business for a few days.

Say you’re a photographer and you get sick. You can’t be meeting with clients or going to events where you interact and shake hands with dozens of people when you’re sick. Or maybe you’re a designer and there’s an emergency with a family member that takes a few days to take care of.

Regardless of what the situation is, you can’t work right now.

You need to handle the personal things.

What do you do with your business?

In a perfect world, you’d already have all the systems and strategies and workflows in place, and you could hand things off to your amazing team to handle your business for you.

But that’s not the case this time, my friend.

When that happens, here are some questions I want you to ask yourself:

Jessica Rasdall