Navigating Criticism: What Do We Do With the Negative Feedback?


We have a fun topic on our plate today: criticism. Specifically, negative criticism.

...I told you it was fun.

What do we do with the negative feedback we receive?

This topic has come up twice for me in the past week alone, and from very different sources, which tells me it’s something we all experience.

Whether you’re a business owner, parent, friend, teacher, student, there’s going to be a time when someone tells you something you don’t necessarily love. But sometimes even if it’s tough to hear, it can still have value.

What can we do with that?

That was the question one of my friends asked me last week. She’d polled her audience and didn’t know how to “use” the valid criticism.

How can we extract the most value out of negative feedback and then keep on rolling with the punches?

Watch the video below to learn how to navigate criticism in a helpful way:

Jessica Rasdall