Turning Your Passion into Your Business by Ayo Bamgbose

“If you don’t like how things are change it – you’re not a tree” one of my favorite quotes by Jim Rohn. There are millions of people around the world wanting to change their career paths and the idea of starting-up their own business excites them but the first hurdle faced is what type of business to start. I was one of those people two years ago where I knew I no longer wanted to invest all my time, and energy in helping someone else achieve their business goals while they used my ideas and my secret source.

The problem I had faced then was not knowing what to specialize in. Although my background was in training and development within the health and beauty industry for over seven years, deep down I knew it was no longer for me. I started to loathe the superficial and political restrictions that came from working within such a sector. A sector based on your looks and the popularity of your ethnicity to determine how far you could go.

I wanted to help talented people that had hit a stumbling block, where their confidence had reached an all-time low due to their 9-5’s physically and mentally draining them. I remember saying to myself, “Ayo why not try Career and Personal Development”. So I ran with it, not really doing the appropriate business start-up research. A few months of focusing on producing services and course ideas I hit another brick wall. I began to feel down and felt like it was too damn hard. Why is it so difficult? Why am I not excited about it like everyone else was about there’s and why was I not screaming from the rooftops at what I do? It was because it wasn’t where my passion lied.

Then one day I did this fab exercise, in my head by the way, that helped me to extract my true passion + skills + purpose = turn it into my baby that you see today called Ayes Creative Learning, I called this process my eureka moment. 

Turn Your Passion into Your Business

This is how my brain worked at the time and you can try this to:

  • List all your skills and work experience you have
  • The types of people you would want to work with
  • Message your friends and family and ask them what keys skills and attributes that come in their mind when they think of you only using one or two words
  • Identify the things that your friends are always coming to you for help with

This process was mind blowing and down right ego boosting especially for those lacking confidence like I did at the time.

*Please note for this exercise to work you must ask people you trust and that don’t have the case of you green eyed monster, aka hateration.

The response was amazing, I had words such as: Coaching – Motivating – You give me a kick up the backside (obviously cheated here) – Energy – Strategic - Inspiring - Go getting - Stubborn - Focused - Supportive – Educator – Cheerleader - Determined etc. etc. let me stop there as my head is blowing up again.

At the time I had people after people asking me how I got my business started and wanted me to refer them to someone that could help them. This is where I went ‘eureka’. This is what I’m meant to do. I’m meant to help those people in dead end jobs with an amazing talent to get it into motion.

This is now what I do, along with mentoring and coaching people I design and create online self-paced business start-up courses and resources to get people to Act – to be You-driven – Empowered through Education in order to Succeed. This is where A.Y.E.S was created.  

The message from my business journey is if you truly want to start up your own business, then figure out what type of business will make you jump out of bed after only 4 hours of sleep. I say this because being an entrepreneur is not easy, there are no clock in and clocking out shifts, it’s damn hard and unless you have that business that you’re truly passionate about and that gives you purpose it may not get you pass the first few stumbling blocks that may come along your way.

Let me leave you with this.. “Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion” - Seth Godin

If you are a budding entrepreneur with a business idea and unsure what to do next and need some guidance and support to getting it in motion join my ‘Launch like a Pro’ small Facebook group community!


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