Own Your Sequins: Three Ways to Increase Your Impact

Two words: Richard Simmons

I can remember when I was a kid turning on TV and seeing this crazy haired, skinny, hyper just plain weird looking man with a loud voice and sequined shorts. Now, growing up in Texas a man in sequined shorts was not something everyone took kindly to. I would hear people call him names that I didn’t understand and say he needs to shut up and hide in a closet. All I knew was he danced around with overweight women and he was EVERYWHERE. (Hush up Yes I am child of the great 80's).

This is who Richard Simmons is. Richard Simmons is a fitness guru who has according to Wikipedia helped humanity loose 12,000,000 pounds. He himself had been obese and was unhappy with himself.

He opened his first fitness studio after being dissatisfied with gyms that only catered to those who were already physically fit in the 1970s and then become a pioneer in the aerobic, in-home physical fitness sales.

Even more though Richard Simmons owned who he was. He was eccentric, flamboyant and a force to be reckoned with. He ignored the haters and powered through the negativity. He stayed focused on his goals and knew he had a greater mission on this earth than to merely exist.

Now imagine if he hadn’t decided to step outside of himself. Imagine if he had given in to the nay sayers, the critics and those who didn’t understand his mission. Not only would we live in a world where no one would sweat to the oldies but think of all those lives who would NOT have been impacted by him.

Now... Imagine those people who may NOT be impacted by YOU if you don’t step outside yourself.

2 Things I ask myself every single night:
1.) Was I productive?
2.) Did I impact someone?
I need both those answers to be YES ...Every. Single. Day.


I heard a quote the other day “This world is not about ME its about WE.”

We are all here to succeed. But for me, success is measured in the lives I make better. Richard Simmons I am sure made the lives of so many richer and more enjoyable and in turn made a name for himself in the world, and I would bet banked a pretty nice dollar. Success on both levels achieved.

So I challenge you today, to step outside yourself, to think about those people you WILL NOT impact if you:

>> DON'T write that blog that you have been thinking about but are too afraid people will judge your words

>> DON'T make that video tutorial thats going to rock socks

>> DON'T go live and share your story

 Who will you NOT impact if you don't step into your destiny TODAY!

I am owning my sequined shorts, and my own frizzy hair and I will be productive and I will impact someone and SO WILL YOU!


Here are my 3 Tips to Help you not only OWN but ROCK those Sequin Shorts Girl!

*(Disclosure: I totally own a pair of purple cheetah print sequin shorts ;) )

DO NOT BE AFRAID- to look in the mirror. Fear of seeing ourselves for who we truly are can be the biggest mistake we ever make in life. So take a look long in the mirror and say “I'm Fabulous!”

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX- This doesn't mean you have to be super artsy fartsy who finds the deep meaning in abstract art...No thinking outside the box only means your thoughts shouldn't be based on what others think especially social media. Just because super girl entrepreneur is posting all her IG in techno colors does not mean you have to also. Think outside the box!!!

HAVE A THEME SONG- Yes you read that correctly have a theme song heck have two or a few...I have one for my business, one I listen to while I am working, and one I listen to for when I need to be reminded to ROCK THOSE SEGUIN SHORTS!!!!


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Guest Blogger: Aubrey Mathis // the support strategist

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