Black Friday Specials to Move Your Business Forward

If you're a creative business owner looking for Black Friday Steals, you found them!

I hope you're spending today in your pjs. I bet you're sipping on coffee, pulling out the holiday decorations and Black Friday shopping like a boss from the comfort of your laptop.

I love a good deal, but not at the expense of my sanity. This introverted-easily-overwhelmed-by-crowds lady prefers doing that shopping online! (I send Chad to the store if there's something I really want. He's like that madness…opposites attract, right?)

While you're shopping away today, put some of the money towards something that's going to get you a RETURN on your investment!

If you're ready to make a splash in 2017 and really stand out from the crowd… we've put together some incredible tools to help you become the go-to expert in your industry.

3 Ways to Save on Investing in Your Business

(1) How to Craft Your Business Story in an Hour Live Workshop ($97)-  If you're ready to start appearing on podcasts, guest blogging for others or contributing to major publications, it's time to get YOUR story nailed down. You’ve hammered out your services and products and now it's time show your audience exactly why YOU are the one they need to work with. If you're thinking, “girl, help me craft that story!” grab your seat in our live workshop: How to Craft Your Business Story in an Hour.

(2) How to Craft Your Presentation Like a Pro (Now $97 - Originally $149) - Ready to start speaking at creative conferences next year? Have you been putting off applying because you have no idea how to structure your talk? I get it, you've been rocking it in your business. You know who your clients is and what you bring to the table… but you're unsure of how to package that up into a presentation (digital or live) that will: Connect with Your Audience, Showcase Your Zone of Genius and Attract Your Dream Clients. Girlfriend, THIS is my jam. After speaking for the last ten years, I've mastered the art of a game-changing presentation. Want my fool proof template? You got it! Just join me for the live workshop on “How to Craft Your Presentation Like Pro!”

(3) BLACK FRIDAY BUNDLE (Now $150 - Value: $246) Maybe you're thinking…. hold up, I need BOTH of these, Jess!? How am I supposed to decide!? I wouldn't do that to you! I've bundled up BOTH of these game-changing LIVE workshops for you in one steal of a bundle. For half the price of a 1:1 presentation prep session with me, you can join me for TWO live workshops where I'm going to personally help you master your message and grow your expert status. Snag your Black Friday Bundle While They Last

If you're feeling like a real over-achiever, my biz bestie (and our resident CMO here at JRHQ) Meghan Maydel is dishing out 15 courses + trainings for $49. But here's the catch... you have 50 days to finish them! Talk about an incentive to actually get it done, right?!!

Click here to snag Meghan's Black Friday Special. 

Come join myself and the other fabulous creative business owners in our Front + Center Online Community.



Through public speakingprograms and 1:1 intensives, Jessica partners with creatives to craft stories and presentation that connect with their audience and help them stand out in a saturated market. 



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