4 Super Simple Steps To Make Sales From Your Freebie Opt-In

4 Super Simple Steps To Make Sales From Your Freebie Opt-In

Everywhere we turn these days it seems like everyone is screaming at you that you need a freebie/ opt-in offer on your website or hardcore judging you for needing a sales funnel. #amiright

As though they’re two completely separate events/things.

Which leads to lots of questions along the lines of:

  • WTF is a sales funnel?
  • Why am I offering something for free to get someone to take me seriously and pay me?
  • HOW do I get someone to pay me when I’m supposed to be giving it all away for free?

Sound familiar to what you’re feelin right now? I’ve got somethin for ya that’s totally gonna blow.your.mind.

Add a sales funnel to your fab opt-in you’re already pushing people into on your website and BOOM. Why hello cash in your bank account, fancy seeing you here.

Cue the next question:

But Meghan, HOW do you make that happen?!

4 Super Simple Steps To Make Sales From Your Freebie Opt-In

Here’s 4 simple steps:

1. Decide what you wanna sell. This is the biggest mistake I see people make—there’s no intentional endgame, just an opt-in offer they thought that sounded like a good idea at the time with no way to tie it into any real offering they currently have available. Which means their subscribers are opt-ing in and then just...sitting there until they get a few randomly monthly emails from ya that may or may not be targeted towards something they need. So, decide what offering you wanna push. To make this as simple and as easy as possible, pick an offering you’ve got under $300.

2. What bite-sized piece of info can you give away about your offering? This is your opt-in. I don’t mean 30 days of fucking emails no one is going to read after day 2. I don’t mean a 20-page e-book. I don’t mean a series of 15-minute videos someone has to keep track of. I mean something bite sized that your ideal client can sign up for, read/experience/take action on in 30 minutes. That’s it. If you can give someone even the tiniest win in 30 minutes, they are WAY more likely to open the rest of your emails and increase your know/like/trust factor to increase the odds of a purchase. Hint: Quizzes are performing like WHOA right now as effective and converting opt-ins.

3. Bridge the gap. My favorite way to do this is with a series of super easy emails that go a little something like this:

Email 1: deliver the goods + let ‘em know who you are and why you’re the Queen B to listen to when it comes to this particular area of expertise.

Email 2: give ‘em a tiny bit more in the form of a story. Tell ‘em a story that they can relate to (every day shit going on in your life with a little bit of humor mixed in works FAB) that leads into a SHORT video relating back to their opt-in or a super helpful spreadsheet/worksheet giving them the next little piece of the puzzle after getting the initial freebie is the goal here. Again, nothing more than something that takes 15-30 minutes.

Email 3: Check in and see how they’re doing with the freebies you’ve offered up. See if they need support. Ask for a reply on what they’ve discovered thus far (this is also great additional market research).

Email 4: Pitch the goods. Warm ‘em up with a story first that relates to what they’re going through right now and your program happens to solve. Metaphors and humor...also work FAB here. Sweeten the deal and encourage action by chucking in a bonus (or a discount if that’s your style) that’s only available for a limited amount of time. We’re talkin like 2 days limited amount of time.

Email 5: Remind them that their deal is almost up. Short, sweet, to the point.

Email 6: If they haven’t taken action, let ‘em know that you get it...not everyone is ready for the offer you’re putting down right now in their businesses and give ‘em 2 other pieces of your own content they can check out instead that may better relate to their current place in business.

4. Make it shareable. No one wants to share an opt-in or push people into something where it’s obviously they’re going to be asked to pay something right off the bat with no choice in getting the info. It’s gross. The easiest way to create content that you can share? Build a blog post around your bite sized info. Before you write this part off as “too much work”, I’m not saying you’ve gotta rewrite shakespeare. Totally not necessary. A short 4 paragraph blog post or simple how-to, easy to knock out in 30 minutes and you’ve got something that’s ready to rock and roll. Slap your bite-sized freebie/content upgrade into that sucker and let’s do this.

This whole shebang really is as ridiculously easy as it sounds. I’ve even created this handy dandy worksheet to help ya get it out of your head and on paper in front of you to make it that much easier to knock out of the park. And the best part? I can be done in an afternoon. Not 30 days, not 6 months. Block off an afternoon, knock it out, stop winging it + wasting time, and start seeing sales. You’ve got this!

Don’t forget your worksheet before you go ;)


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