3 Ways to Strategically Share Your Story on Your Website by: Katie Williamsen

Three ways to strategically share your story on your website | Katie Williamsen

If your website is filled with stock photos and generic messaging, many customers will feel disconnected from your brand. People want to work with and buy from people, not nameless, faceless brands. As a small business owner, it is essential that anyone who visits your website feels a human connection.

If you feel like your website is lacking a human touch, here are three ways you can strategically weave your story into your site to create an instant connection between you and your clients.

Three ways to strategically share your story on your website | Katie Williamsen

(1) Show Your Face

If you run a small business, don’t be afraid to place a photo of yourself on your homepage and another the about page. When you share your photo, clients are able to relate to you and get a better idea of you as a person.

While it is not essential, having photos taken by a professional photographer will help to elevate your brand. An experienced photographer will be able to help you keep your brand looking consistent and make you feel comfortable while taking your photo. If you can’t afford professional photographer, have a friend or family member take a few photos of you with a digital camera. Stay away from selfies, group photos where you cut yourself out or old images of yourself.


(2) Clearly communicate who you are and what you do

When clients arrive on your website, do they get a good understanding of what you do and how you can help them? You want to clearly communicate the purpose of your business so visitors stay engaged with your website. Visitors will leave your site if they are unsure of your purpose. You can communicate your purpose via a clear tagline or a welcome paragraph.


(3) Simple Navigation

When it comes to fancy tricks, website navigation is not the place to try them out. Instead, you want your navigation to be as clear and easy to read as possible. When putting your website navigation together, think about how you want your client to navigate through your site and discovery your story. For example, on your about page, you can add a link to all of the services you offer so it is easy to learn more. When it comes to a navigation, the simpler the better.

Is your website lacking a human touch? How could you start to incorporate your story into your site?




Katie Williamsen is the web and social media strategist behind Katie Williamsen Web & Social Media Consulting, LLC. She teaches lady bosses how to be confident in their online strategy to attract loyal fans. She is also the editor of the lifestyle blog, Twin Stripe, dedicated to helping fun, fabulous readers create a bright and modern lifestyle — that doesn’t cost a ton. When Katie isn’t strategizing with clients, researching or blogging, she’s spending time with her husband, Chad, and their pup, Hobbes.

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