Moving From What If to What Is

All those times in our life when we are overwhelmed with things we can’t control, we find ourselves asking #allthequestions.

What if I had done this differently?

What if this had happened instead?

Why me?

Why am I the one going through this?

What makes these questions even worse is that they snowball.

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The First Step in Overcoming Adversity

Let’s just address the elephant in the room: everyone faces adversity in our lives. Yes, everyone.

As beautiful and perfect as people make their lives seem on social media, none of us are perfect - that stuff is just a highlight reel. In the background, we all face difficulties big and small every single day.

But how we each handle and overcome adversity greatly differs.

The people we look up to, that inspire, have figured out how to punch adversity in the face and get moving anyway, while everyone else stays stuck.

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Unpaid does not Equate to “Not Valuable”

You’re not going to perfect your craft if you don’t have a chance to practice it. Get on that stage and serve your people. Do you need to break the bank building your credibility? No. But should you turn down valuable opportunities because they’re unpaid? Absolutely not.

Weigh your options, do the math and seek out opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

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6 Ways to Make Your Story Part of Your Website Design

It may sound strange coming from a website designer, but the most important part of your website isn’t actually the design – it’s the words you’re sharing. Don’t get me wrong, a well-designed website is important and attracts more people to your work, but without the words to back it up, pretty images and a great layout won’t help you reach anyone.

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Why You Need a YouTube Channel as a Speaker

If you are thinking about adding speaking to your business you probably aren’t thinking about a YouTube channel, right?  What good would a YouTube channel do for you if you want to start booking those speaking gigs?  Why should you add another platform?

Let me tell you, you are missing out on a huge opportunity on YouTube.  And YouTube should probably be the main platform you are focusing on!

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Three Steps to a Compelling Home Page: Just Add Story

Storytelling is an art, and the art of storytelling for your brand happens on many platforms and avenues.

There are the mini-stories you share in your social media feeds and captions, photographs, blog posts, and even ads and email campaigns. For all of you fellow bootstrapping ‘preneurs out there, you know what I’m talking about. We do our best to weave our little stories into our online presence so we can hopefully make an impact on those who read our content.

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