10 Ways You're Ruining Your Speech

You've been giving some presentations here and there... but it just doesn't seem to be working. When you jumped into this you envisioned rolling in testimonials, endless new clients and a booked out speaking calendar. Instead... you're hearing crickets.

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Unpaid does not Equate to “Not Valuable”

You’re not going to perfect your craft if you don’t have a chance to practice it. Get on that stage and serve your people. Do you need to break the bank building your credibility? No. But should you turn down valuable opportunities because they’re unpaid? Absolutely not.

Weigh your options, do the math and seek out opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

6 Ways to Make Your Story Part of Your Website Design

It may sound strange coming from a website designer, but the most important part of your website isn’t actually the design – it’s the words you’re sharing. Don’t get me wrong, a well-designed website is important and attracts more people to your work, but without the words to back it up, pretty images and a great layout won’t help you reach anyone.

Why You Need a YouTube Channel as a Speaker

If you are thinking about adding speaking to your business you probably aren’t thinking about a YouTube channel, right?  What good would a YouTube channel do for you if you want to start booking those speaking gigs?  Why should you add another platform?

Let me tell you, you are missing out on a huge opportunity on YouTube.  And YouTube should probably be the main platform you are focusing on!

Three Steps to a Compelling Home Page: Just Add Story

Storytelling is an art, and the art of storytelling for your brand happens on many platforms and avenues.

There are the mini-stories you share in your social media feeds and captions, photographs, blog posts, and even ads and email campaigns. For all of you fellow bootstrapping ‘preneurs out there, you know what I’m talking about. We do our best to weave our little stories into our online presence so we can hopefully make an impact on those who read our content.

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Simple Routines and Boundaries for a More Productive Day

Distractions, interruptions, notifications, and a lack of planning all tug at our time and make us feel less productive than we know we are capable of. If you’re like me, you sit at your desk most of the day and are sometimes left wondering why you didn’t get more done. I feel you, girlfriend! That’s why, today, we are talking about a few tips and tricks that can help you with focus, productivity and feeling more in control of your day.

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My face turns tomato red (challenging for a Filipina), and the words filling my mind disappear into an abyss. Speaking in front of a crowd is always intimidating no matter if it is in front of an audience of 10 or 100. I am still overcoming this fear, but when I do, it will be because i’ve prepared, researched and practiced… and hired Jessica as my speaking mentor.  But what’s next?

With a beautifully designed signature presentation, just like when you wear your favorite shade of lipstick, you will feel poised, confident and ready to take on the world.

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How To Find Your Creative Outlet And How To Utilize It

I have always been a creative person.  Like the “traditional” creative.  I sew, scrapbook, paint, needlepoint, craft.  You name it, I probably do it.  And I am organized.  Like freakishly organized, which I have found goes hand-in-hand with my craftiness!  So I have built a business around my creativity, and I make sure to make time to be creative every day.

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3 Things You Need to Know if You Think You're the Only One Not Being Asked to Speak at Creative Conferences

Another conference speaker line up has been announced and you’re dealing with major FOMO. It feels like everyone ELSE is getting asked to speak at events and you keep getting skipped over. Sulking in your desk chair you scream at your computer “You forgot about meeeee!!!”

I get it, you want to speak at creative conferences but you feel like everyone EXCEPT you is getting their chance to shine. Rather than slipping into a three day netflix binge and sulking over what isn’t working…. I’m going to break down three things you need to know about how conference organizers pick their speakers AND give you action steps to finally snag your spot on the stage.

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How to Tell Your Story in Your Brand Graphics

When you think about telling your story to your audience, you may originally think about communicating through written or spoken words. However, you may not realize that your brand graphics can do a lot of talking for you.

The point with telling your story in your brand graphics is not to give all the details away at first sight, but you can include visual clues throughout your brand that will draw your audience in for more. As a result, you’ll have a brand that is unique and totally you. Which will only help you stand out even more in a crowded online space!

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How To Manage Your Public Speaking Nerves

Peeking through the curtains, I see the audience starting to pour into the room. As they take their seats and mingle with the people sitting next to them, they have no idea I’m pacing backstage like a weirdo with my headphones on. My adrenaline is pumping - hard. It’s almost impossible to stay still.

The speaker in me says, “You’ve been preparing for this moment for ten years. Get out there and serve your people. You WILL change lives today. Do what you do best, girl!”

The introvert in me says, “Hurry, if you slip out the back door now maybe they won’t notice…”

And then I hear IT - the host grabs the microphone, settles the crowd and begins my introduction, “Today we have a very special…”

Well, there’s no turning back now…. Here goes nothing….

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Three Steps to Book Your Next Speaking Gig

So you're 2017 goal is to start speaking but you have no idea where to begin. You can already picture yourself standing on the stage. You know what message you want to share and who you want to speak to. The problem lies in actually finding those opportunities. Today, I want to break down three steps that you should be taking right now in order to get yourself booked to speak.

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3 Reasons Why Your Imperfections Make Your Business Better

We are the dreamers and we are the doers. We are the people who get ideas and make them happen. We are creatives and entrepreneurs and we are much too hard on ourselves. On one hand, we are so aware of our own mess; ways that we fall short, don’t measure up and feel imperfect. And on the other hand, we are so aware of everyone else’s goodness; their success, opportunities, income levels and relationships.

And it leaves this thing in us where we want to hide our imperfections because we think that doesn’t sell while also wrestling with jealousy and overwhelm over everything we don’t have or could never be.

But, here’s the thing: I believe that imperfection is not the thing that disqualifies you. It has been painted that way and taught as so, but imperfection is not bad. It can actually be really good and life-giving in your business. You can let go of the overwhelm and you can see yourself as enough.

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23 Things to Consider Before You Speak For Free

You were just asked to speak at an upcoming event and you’re so freaking excited. You know that speaking is the fastest way to grow your platform and increase your influence… so, heck yeah, you want to speak at this event. However, the organizer just notified you that there is no budget for speakers and they will not be able to pay you for your time or travel. Yikes! That means you will be PAYING to speak at someone else’s event.

Before you tell me, “But Jess, they said this is a great opportunity for exposure!”  Let me give you a little reality check.


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Setting Work Boundaries and How that Impacts Moms at Home

You head home for the day to have dinner with your family or maybe you’re at are at a friend’s birthday happy hour. You left the office only hours ago and you’ve received several emails, calls or texts.  Can’t they figure it out on their own? Is it an emergency or can it wait until you’re in the office in the morning? Why can’t they respect your time?  Can’t you have a moment with family or friends without interruption? 

Does this sound familiar?  What is missing in this scenario is boundaries.  A consistent piece of advice from the more than 110 professional part-time working moms who I interviewed for my book was about the need to set and maintain boundaries at work.  Setting boundaries can be hard, though.

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5 Ways to Create a Stand Out Brand

It’s a crowded, noisy world out there. A million businesses. A thousand brands. All shouting to get your client’s attention. It’s easy to feel lost and frustrated. It’s tough to make an impact. How in the world do you stand out?

Creating a brand that gets noticed takes more than a pretty logo or website. A stand out brand offers an experience and a connection to your audience. If you want to position yourself as the go-to leader, try these five steps to take your brand from invisible to irresistible.

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